Whether you spend thirty minutes commuting to work and back home or five hours driving uber, your vehicle’s interior is a personal and intimate area of your day-to-day, but sometimes it gets neglected. We often don’t think about how we treat the interior of our vehicles as we don’t associate it with our living space and our time inside is often short. Although we don’t sleep or workout in our cars, for many people it is the main method of transportation and should make you feel happy when inside.

We aim to encourage the mindset that our vehciles are just as important to keep clean as our bedrooms or kitchens, as it is a consistent space in our lives, even though we might not pay much attention to it. A clean inteiror promotes a happier and healthier mind, which we aim to provide right in your drive way at a great price.

ESTIMATED COST: S: $90 M: $100 L: $110 XL: $120

-Interior Vacuum
-Seat Rails Clean
-Door Seals Clean
-Dashboard & Centre Console Clean
-Dashboard & Centre Console Protectant Application
-Door Cards Clean
-Door Cards Protectant Application
-Steering Wheel Clean
-Interior & Exterior Glass Clean

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