One of our key objectives is to provide services our customers know will be safe for their vehicles. When establishing our Quick Slick package, we wanted to create an alternative to the paint-damaging drive-through car wash used and trusted by many. When we tend to a vehicle with swirl scratch marks, more often than not, the origin of the damage can be traced back to the usage of a drive-through car wash.

The circular-in-shape swirl marks, occurring more noticeably on darker paint, are caused by the rapidly rotating rubber or synthetic brush flaps used in most car washes. In addition to the abrasive material of the flaps, these rotating mechanisms see tens of cars each day without being cleaned themselves, carrying the dirt and grime from the previous vehicle onto the next.

We aim to educate and provide a safer alternative to all our customers with a soft microfibre hand wash that is clear coat safe and will show superior results 100% of the time.

ESTIMATED COST: S: $30 M: $35 L: $40 XL: $45

-Pressure Rinse Entire Vehicle
-Pressure Rinse Boot & Door Jams
-Wheel Wash (Face)
-Tire Scrub
-Visible Under Guard Pressure Rinse
-Two-Bucket Method pH Neutral Hand Wash
-Window Wipers & Window Seals Hand Wash
-Tire Shine & Protectant Application

Facebook Review
" Went for a quick slick, and I’m so impressed with how great my car looks! 🤩 Absolutely so impressed that I’m returning tomorrow for some more work done on my car! Highly recommend ✅ "
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